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NP Pointasia Co.Ltd.
 102 Loxley Building 14th Fl., Na Ranong Road, Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
  Tel 022403319, 023488710-11, Fax 02-2403319   email:   Location Map


Petrochemicals Plastics Polymers Oil&Gas Automobile Electronics Construction

Petrochemical Plastic Polymer Oil&Gas Automobile Electronics Construction

Petrochemical Research , Plastic Research , Oil & Gas Research

Thailand Petrochemical Research , Thailand Plastic Research , Thailand Oil & Gas Research


Software Development for Petrochemical Plastic Polymer Oil&Gas

Software Development for Petrochemicals

Software Development for Plastics

Software Development for Oil&Gas


IT for Petrochemical Plastic Polymer Oil&Gas

IT for Petrochemicals

IT for Plastics

Software Development for Oil&Gas


Market Research & Business Advisory in ASIA

Through the integration of NPpointasia and Partners resources in Thailand and China such as LoxbitPA Plc.(Loxley Group), Petroleum Institute of Thailand (PTIT), Plastic Institute of Thailand (PITH), Mitsiam Outsourcing Centre Asia Pacific (MOCAP), China Market Intelligence Center (CMIC), China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC) and etc. NPpointasia do custom research and business planning for Customers, with a wide range of services including industry-depth investigations, business plan, feasibility study, market study, channel research, brand survey, customer satisfaction survey, and strategy recommendation, etc.

Each project is conducted following the determination of the customer's objectives. The Methodology is tailored to the client's specific concerns and all studies are carried out based on strict internal quality control procedures.

Advisory Services


IT Business

Enhancing the flow of your business transaction with BES (Business Enterprise Solution)

B2B Application Software: which simplifies the process of your supply chain management from the process of purchasing to billing. The solution helps reduce costs, improve the speed of transactions, and eliminates repeated jobs and errors.BES best facilitates businesses which have a lot of transactions per month, trade via dealers and distribute products nationwide.

Payment Gateway: Solution for banking transaction with encryption technology to ensure security for electronic monetary transfer. Significantly reduces costs of messenger service and transaction fee.

Mobile Device Solution: Doing mobile business with innovative applications on PDA, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad to improve sales efficiency and business automation.

EIS on Map Application online: can be used to support Executive Officer, in order to mornitor and make decision with real data on sattellie map, such as Sales &Marketing, Project Progression, Flood Monitoring etc.