Market Research & Business Advisory Services.

Market Research & Business Advisory Services in ASIA

Through the integration of NPpointasia and Partners resources in Thailand and China. NPpointasia do custom research and business planning for Customers, Specialized in Food & Beverage, Home Care, Personal Care, Health Care, Recycle/Circular Economy, Bio-Chemical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Plastic and Rubber, Packaging and Energy Industrial Sectors.

Together with a dynamic environmental and management consultancywith a wide range of services including industry-depth investigations, business plan, feasibility study, market study, channel research, brand survey, customer satisfaction survey, and strategy recommendation, etc.

Each project is conducted following the determination of the customer's objectives. The Methodology is tailored to the client's specific concerns and all studies are carried out based on strict internal quality control procedures.

Advisory Services:

  • Market Study.
  • Feasibility Study.
  • Business Planning.
  • Strategy.
  • Training.

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